Friday, December 3, 2010

Canterbury - St. Peter's Lane ...

… ‬terraced housing between St Peter's Street
‭ ‬and‭ ‬ St Radigund's Street‭ ‬– nowadays
 a much‭ ‬ sought-after part of town‭ …
... Canterbury City Council logo on dustbin ...
... a glimpse of Canterbury Cathedral ...
... Solly's Orchard is just over the wall ...
 ... the church dedicated to St Peter ...
... is thought to stand on the site of a Christian church built
for the local Christian community in Roman times, rebuilt
perhaps by St Augustine and his monks in Saxon days, on 
its original site just of the main street of the city ...
... St Peter's church stands back from the bustle of Canterbury
High Street,‭ ‬fronted by a small garden that seems
to create an atmosphere of relative calm

... evidence of its early origins can be seen in the tower which 
incorporates Roman tiles, and, at its lower levels, Saxon quoins or
cornerstones. The tower in its present form dates from c1100 and
houses 4 ancient bells; one case c1325 by William le Beltere, 
another c1430 by William Wodewarde, one by Thomas Palmar c1637
and the 4th by Thomas Hatch of Ulcombe c1599 (recast 1905) ...

St.‭ ‬Peters Lane‭
‭... historic Canterbury ... 

St Peter’s Lane ...
... dates from the Medieval period and may follow
the line of a Roman Street (the Via Occidentals).
From the early medieval (late Saxon) period to about 1200
the area of St Peter’s Lane appears to have been
largely open ground ...