Saturday, December 4, 2010

Canterbury - Palace Street ...

… Leaning dangerously! ...
... a very old house bulging over the road ...
leaning forward, trying to see who is passing
on the narrow pavement below ...
by Charles Dickens
source: inscription facade
... formerly the Old King's School shop (c. 1647)
with crooked doorway - deliberately shaped
to exaggerate the leaning building ...
 by Stephen Bax - Canterbury Buildings 
... "the finest example in the county...[of imitation rusticated stone]" ...
 by Stephen Bax - Canterbury Buildings 
... timber framed building - foundations in 11th century.
Outwardly appears 17th century timber-framed ...

Conquest House ...
... is a particularly fine building, it is reputed to be the place where
 the knights waited before going out and giving Thomas Becket
 that fatal seeing-to. The house was owned by Gilbert the Citizen.
 The four knights arrived here on 29th December,1170 and left their
 arms and servants. Two of the knights broke into the Archbishop's
 Palace where there was a heated argument with Becket.
 They failed to get him to revoke the excommunication on many of
 the king's supporters. The knights returned to this house to get their
 weapons, while monks persuaded Becket to seek sanctury in
 the Cathedral. The knights then entered the Cathedral and killed him.
The house looked very different then, but if you enter the building,
 there is a fine Norman undercroft that possibly dates back to that time.
Source: Peter Collinson's tour of the City of Canterbury  
... originally built as weaver's cottages housing Flemish Huguenot refugee
 weavers in 1710, the 4 derelict properties were refurbished 
by T A Dobinson Construction and are shown here in their completed
 state together with an architectural sketch of the original proposal ...