Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Canterbury - Mercery Lane and Buttermarket ...

... High Street / Mercery Lane corner ... 
... view down the medieval Mercery Lane to Christ Church Gate ...
... Buttermarket. The heart of the medieval city,‭ ‬
immediately outside the gate to the cathedral precinct,‭ 
‬nowadays bustling with tourists,‭ ‬students and local people.‭ 
‬The centrepiece of the square is a war memorial.
... war memorial commemorating the men and women of
Canterbury who gave their lives in the First World War ...
    the Buttermarket 
by - Historic Canterbury
... This square is more than‭ ‬800‭ ‬years old.‭ ‬
The name Buttermarket was first used about‭ ‬200‭ ‬years ago ...
... Christ Church Gate, the main visitor entrance to the Cathedral ...
... In‭ ‬1517‭ ‬the strikingly omate Christ Church Gate was built,‭ ‬
a mix of Gothic and Renaissance style,‭ ‬
linking the peace of the cathedral precincts with 
the bustling maze of Canterbury's cobbled streets ... 
... Hoc opus constructum est anno Domini millesimo 
Quingentesimo [decimo] septimo ...
... built in the year 1517, as appears by the inscription ...
source: - Historic Canterbury
... Christ Church Gateway is an extraordinary monument; 
it is highly embellished and decorated with heraldic motifs,
includings coats of arms and mythical beasts ...
... doorway in Christ Church Gateway ...

"The Massive Wooden Gates are also carved with the arms 
of the see of Canterbury impaling those of archbishop Saxon
on one side, and with the arms of the deanery
of Canterbury on the other" ...
source: - Historic Canterbury
Christ Church Gate ...
- Historic Canterbury
... was built in 1517, the year in which Luther burnt the Pope's Bull,
the year in which the "Arabian Nights" were produced in the East,
and the year in which Sultan Selim built the walls of Jerusalem.
(The Archaeological Journal 1875)