Monday, November 29, 2010

Canterbury Cathedral #2 ...

... the Gothic choir screen (or pulpitum), (ca. 1455) by Richard Beke.
It still has its original sculptures of shield-bearing angels and 6 kings, 
but its original sculptures of Christ and the twelve apostles
were destroyed.
Delicately carved statues of six Kings stand on either side
of the archway into the Quire. From the left they are Richard II,
Henry V, Ethelbert, Edward the Confessor, Henry IV and Henry VI.

The pulpitum stone screen was built to separate the monks
in the Quire from the peoples’ church in the Nave.
... the choir and return stalls (1664) ...
... the Romanesque choir (1184), 
looking east to the Trinity Chapel (1220) ...
... another immense vista greets the pilgrim entering the Quire, 
the longest of any English cathedral ...
... the High Altar and St. Augustine's throne, where the Archbishop sits!
... effigy of Henry Chichele - polychromed stone (1424-26) ...
... railings ("the Chichele gate") at his tomb between the upper
choir and the choir ambulatory adjacent to the north-east transept
the beautifully carved and painted memorial to Henry Chichele,
archbishop of Canterbury from 1414 to 1443 and founder 
of All Souls College, Oxford ... 
... the Quire ...
... Re-built and extended in the 12th century in the early Gothic
style, it was designed and started by William of Sens, a French-
man, who was unable to continue the work because of a fall. 
The eastern section was completed by William the Englishman.
The “Cathedra” or Bishop’s Throne is the decorated 
canopied dais ...