Saturday, December 25, 2010

.. a very Gromit Christmas!

... The Oxford Post - OX1 1ZY, this Victorian Post Box is still
in service outside Oxford's main post office at St. Aldate's
Letters posted here used to go directly
to the basement to be sorted.
source: wirewiping - browniebear
... Royal Mail has been issuing Christmas stamps for almost 50 years ...
... Wallace & Gromit dress the Christmas tree on the 60p stamp ...

The zany humor of Wallace the madcap inventor and Gromit
the non-verbal dog isn't lost in the smallness of the stamps.
The sets are very detailed and full of holiday cheer.
Both Gromit and Wallace are silent, yet it's almost possible
to hear Wallace singing Christmas carols as Gromit
scowls and cuts his eyes toward Wallace.
And, of course, Gromit is the one doing all of the work.

by - 21st September 2010
The characters will appear on five seasonal stamps.
On second-class mail, Wallace lets rip with the carols
as Gromit raises an eyebrow (and no doubt thanks
his lucky stars for his ear muffs).
On the first-class stamp, the dog posts his own

stack of letters, while on the 60p stamp, 
the pair decorate a Christmas tree.
Gromit staggers under the weight of an enormous
Christmas pudding on the 97p stamp, and on
 the £1.46, he receives that classic Christmas sweater...
which looks a little on the large side.

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Markgromit - Posted: Sep 21st 2010
Cracking! They certainly get my Stamp of Approval!! Pun intended!
Creative Review/Webdevelopment - Posted: Sep 21st 2010
Nice stamps, love W&G...
just wonder if they could have been a bit more witty...
Picture of Gromit queueing in the post office perhaps?
   Very christmassy though ...