Saturday, December 18, 2010

St. Ebbe's Street ...

... until the mid 17th century St Ebbes Street was known as Little Bailey ...
source: The Royal Blenheim 
... The Royal Blenheim Pub (1889) 
on the corner of St Ebbe's Street and Pembroke Street ...
'We brew beer to drink & what we have left we sell ...'
Cuisine:  British, Vegegetarian/Vegan friendly
& Gluten-free bread always available.
Fish and Chips can be taken away.
50% of menu is Vegetarian/Vegan.
Real Ales, Food served & TV Sport ...
 ... St Ebbe's is a Church of England parish church
which is in the conservative evangelical tradition.
The present church was built in 1814–16.
It was enlarged and improved in 1866 and 1904 ...
 ... a fine Norman doorway of the 12th century
has been restored and placed at the west end ...
... detail of the Norman doorway ...
 St Ebbe's Church - Old Oxford ... 
Although St Ebbe's Street is very short, in 1835
it had five pubs: the Horse & Chair; Royal Blenheim;
the Three Tuns; the Horse & Groom and

a beer retailer at No. 41.
Then just around the corner, Church Street itself had
the following three pubs: the Eight Bells; the Rising Sun;
and the Britannia. Poorer districts of Oxford,
such as St Ebbe's, tended to have the most pubs ....