Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oxford - High Street #2...

... a view east along the High Street, from Magdalen College ...

... Dragon Head boot scrapers on the Exam School building...
75–82, The High: Examination Schools were completed in 1882 ...
source: headington.org.uk
... detail of the Porters bell at the Examination School ...
... the Examination Schools were built in 1876 by
Thomas G Jackson, who used 16th century English
Renaissance architecture as a source of inspiration.
 University examinations have taken place
in this building since 1882 ...
source: chem.ox.ac.uk
... a view west along the High Street,
85, The High: Antiques on High ...

... looking accross the street towards:
50: oxford blue and 51: The Rose Tea Shop:
mock-Tudor range that was rebuilt
by Magdalen College in 1901 ... 

source: headington.org.uk
... Lewiss Caroll Chess set (hand painted) ...
by chessbaron.co.uk ... 
... these pieces were inspired by Tenniel's illustrations
of Lewis Caroll's characters in his books about
the adventures of Alice. 
The Kings and Queens are directly taken
Tenniel's illustrations as in the story. 
The bishops: Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum.
The knights: the walrus and the Unicorn.
The rooks: the lion and the Carpenter. 
The pawns: the rabbit
source: info Antiques on High
... the sign for Logic Lane, off the High Street ...
... Logic Lane was formerly known as Horseman Lane in 
the 13th and 14th centuries. During the medieval period,
a horse-mill was located here. It was also known as
Horsemull Lane.The name of Logic Lane was adopted
by the 17th century, due to a school of logicians
at the northern end of the lane ...
source: en.wikipedia.org
... the stately eastern portal of University College ...
... Chapel of the Univ ..
... the University College was founded in 1249 
by William of Durham. Its medieval buildings were
gradually replaced in the‭ ‬17th and 18th centuries.
The Chapel building in the Front Quad was begun
in‭ ‬1640‭ ‬and consecrated in‭ ‬1666,‭ ‬with fine Van Linge's
stained glass and Ante Chapel screen ... 
source:‭ ‬fcm.org.uk
116–117, The High: Oxford University Press Bookshop
... the pair of houses that form the shop date
from the late 18th or early 19th century.
In 1696 Alderman Hawkins paid tax on
ten windows at 116 High Street ...
1875–present : Oxford University Press
source: headington.org.uk
... Heraldic Shield - Magpie Lane, off the High Street...
High street ...
by en.wikipedia.org
... the High Street in Oxford, runs between Carfax,
generally recognized as the centre of the city,
 and Magdalen Bridge to the east.
Locally the street is often known as The High ...