Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oxford - High Street #1...

... the High Street in Oxford, England runs between
 Carfax, generally recognized as the centre of
the city, and Magdalen Bridge to the east.
Locally the street is often known as The High ...
1–5, The High: Lloyds/TSB Bank PLC
... there is a sharp contrast in style between the two sections
of the bank: the ornate corner section dates from 1900,
while the more severe section on the right 
is about a hundred years older ....
18, The High:  the Mitre Inn
... the present Mitre Inn dates from around 1630, but
 there has been an inn on this site sincearound 1300.
... In 1895 the Mitre absorbed the shop on the corner
 of Turl Street, so that its number, 18, became spare ...
... it has always belonged to Lincoln College, and its
name probably derives from the college coat of arms,
which depicts the mitre of the Bishop of Lincoln ...
... Tucked in behind the Mitre off the High Street,
is Turl Bar, in Turl Street ...

... In 1926, the Mitre ceased to function as a coaching inn
and became simply a hotel. The stables in Turl Street
behind were converted into the Turl Bar ...
24–31, The High / corner St Mary’s Passage:
... New Quadrangle of Brasenose College is not as old 
as they look: they were designed by the well-known
later Victorian architect T. G. Jackson ...
... the tower and the four bays are from 1887...
... the 15th-century High Street frontage of All Souls
College from the east with St Mary’s Tower and
All Saints Church, now Lincoln Library, behind ...
... All Souls College was founded in 1438 as a memorial 
to those who died in the 100 Years War with France,
hence its full name is The College of All Souls 

of the Faithful Departed....
... St Mary's possesses an eccentric baroque porch,
designed by Nicholas Stone in 1637.
It is highly ornate, with spiral columns supporting
a curly pediment framing a shell niche with a statue
 of the Virgin and Child, underneath a gothic fan vault.
The bullet holes in the statue were made
 by Cromwellian troopers in 1642 ...
32, The High: Warden’s House, All Souls College
built in 1704–6 by Dr George Clark
and refronted in 1876–7 by David Robertson.
37 and 38, The High: a matching pair of houses
dating from the 16th or early 17th century.
The oriel windows in the gables are supported
by 17th-century brackets, and even the barge-board
 above the windows dates from the 17th century.
n° 37: 1999–present Frederick Tranter: Tobacconist
n° 38: 1932-present: High Street Barbers ...
... view from The High towards Queen's lane ...
... intricately decorated west front and the square tower
of  the former Church of St Peter-in-the-East.
a fine 12th-century church that now functions
as the library for St Edmund Hall, one of
the colleges of Oxford University.
Tradition has it that St Peter-in-the-East is named
after the 5th-century San Pietro in Vincoli in Rome ...

... St. Edmund of Abingdon (2007) ...
by Rodney Munday - official website of the artist
... the first Master and Theologian of this University
(St Edmund Hall College) to become Archbishop of Canterbury

taught in and around this Church St Peter-in-the-East
during the years 1195-1201 and 1214-1222 ...
source: info plaque

... corner Longwall Street /High Street ...
... Magdalen College with its imposing tower,
at the eastern end of the High Street ...