Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oxford - Cornmarket Street ...

... Cornmarket Street near Ship Street,
St. Michael Church in distance ...

... Love for all - Hatred for none ...
by loveforallhatredfornone.org
... As Muslims it pains us when the noble religion
 of Islam is maligned by the actions of extremists.
We therefore continuously seek to clarify the true
teachings of Islam, to speak out against injustices,
suicide bombings and terrorism. We are clear and
firm in our belief that Islam is a religion of peace
and any actions that do not promote peace
find no support whatsoever in Islam ...
28, Cornmarket :
... this building probably dates from the 15th century,
and was altered in the 17th and 19th centuries.
It was restored by Thomas Rayson in 1952,
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source: headington.org.uk
 ... “Can’t Lie Down, Can’t Lean Back" Bench (2004) ...
Design with Intent - anti-public seating roundup
by architectures.danlockton.co.uk...
... the ‘Oxford Cornmarket montrosity’,
which might prevent people sleeping on it,
but certainly doesn’t stop people occupying it
in a way the designers didn’t intend ...
...a sign outside the church proclaiming its attractions.
As well as Oxford's oldest, St. Michael's is also one of
Oxford's cheapest attractions, with free admission to
the church and cheap admission to the ancient tower
with its fantastic views ...
source: sacred-destinations.com
... a mystery mark at the entrance of the church ...
... the position of the city's old North Gate? ...
... a parish boundary marker? ...
... in a time before the widespread use of maps,
people had to remember the parish boundaries,
and this was especially important to the Church,
since the parish received tithes from the people
who lived within its boundaries ...
source: sacred-destinations.com

... The Benchmark ! ...
... This symbol is used by the Ordnance Survey and other

surveyors to pin point an exact height above sea level,
which is denoted by the horizontal line above 
the arrow. This provides the standard, "Benchmark,"
from which all other heights are measured ... by heritageandhistory.com
A Bench Mark or cut mark ...
by heritageandhistory.com
... Carved or screwed in to thousands of walls around 
the country are symbols or devices used for map making
before the advent of the global positioning system (GPS) ...
... the Saxon Tower of St. Michael-at-the-Northgate
is made of a stone called coral rag, which is tough
and resistant to weathering but cannot be decoratively
carved or even cut into neat blocks. The only details on
the tower are two levels of windows or bell openings
near the top, each of which has two openings divided
 by baluster-like columns of dressed limestone ....
source: sacred-destinations.com
St. Michael's Church was built c.1000-50 in a late Anglo-Saxon style.
It is mentioned in the Domesday Book, 
conducted by the Normans in 1086.
The church tower, the only part that survives from this date,
served as part of the defensive wall at the North Gate,
which was demolished in 1771 to make room for a road ...
source: sacred-destinations.com
Cornmarket Street ...
 by en.wikipedia.org
... (often called just Cornmarket by Oxonians) is a
major shopping street and pedestrian precinct in Oxford,
that leads north from Carfax Tower towards St Giles'...