Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oxford - Carfax ...

... Carfax is located at the conjunction of St Aldate's (south),
Cornmarket Street (north), Queen Street (west)
and the High Street (east) in Oxford. 
It is considered to be the centre of the city ...
... Carfax, looking west from the High Street towards Queen Street.
St Aldate’s Street is on the left and Cornmarket on the right ...
... Tower of the Church of St Martin Carfax (Carfax Tower) ...
The tower is all that remains of the St Martin church that stood here.
The tower is 23 m (74 ft) tall, and no building in central Oxford
may be constructed higher than it.
The tower which is, probably 14th century  in origin; (probably 
with Saxon work also); it was restored in 1896 by Sir T G Jackson
who added the buttresses and turret ...

... the clock on the east side of Carfax is a copy of the original 
church clock, with ornate "quarterboys" in Roman military dress,
which hammer out the quarter hour on bells. These are replicas; 
the originals are on display in the Oxford museum ...
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Carfax is the ancient heart of Oxford: its name is derived from
Quadrifurcus, where the four road from the four city gates meet.
It is dominated by the 13th-century church tower of
the former St Martin’s Church, the main part of which was rebuilt
in 1820 and then demolished in 1896 in order to widen the street...