Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fontaine de Saint-Georges ...

... South of the Dordogne valley lies the Quercy, a vast
limestone plateau bisected by many rivers. The action
of water has created strange natural phenomena here,
with subterranean caves such as the Gouffre or chasm
of Padirac, whose underground river reappears after
11kms as a resurgent spring in the natural rock circus
 of Montvalent ...
... Fontaine de St Georges is where some of the first
penetrative cave dives were achieved in France.
It is in the Dordogne Valley, near to Montvalent.
The sump pool is large and picturesque,  
some 30 m. in diameter ...
Fontaine de Saint-Georges ... (FR)
by plongée
... coupe, plan,
schema ...
... situation, historique, description ...
... récit Léger, 1973, récit Douchet, 1992 ...
... the Padirac river ...
... map of the underground Padirac river system, and exploration ...

... le Lac de la Pluie / the Rain Lake ...
... exploring the underground river of 
the Gouffre de Padirac, June 1981 ...

The Gouffre at Padirac ... (EN)
... is a natural, 75 metre chasm that shows on
the "Causse de Gramat" in the Lot, below which,
at 103 m. underground flows a river ...
Thanks to the efforts of Guy de Lavaur (1903-86),
the total known length of the subterranean network
at Padirac rose from 2 km to 15 km