Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Causse de Gramat ...

... Le Causse de Gramat / the Gramat limestone plateau (350 m.),
between the Dordogne and Lot rivers ...
... GR 46: Gluges 4,9 km - Martel 10,8 km
L'Hospitalet 9,4 km - Rocamadour 10,1 km
Vessou 3 km - Padirac 6,7 km ...

... GR 46 footpath: from Tours (Indres-et-Loire)
to Cahuzac-sur-Vère (Tarn) ...

... often the protective, circular, dry-stone wall
surrounding the cultivated area is still intact ...
... this tradition is ancient as a specific art. Each year,
people found stones in fields and built new low walls.
After this common task, it was easier to plough,
and to keep sheeps inside closed areas ...
... mare-abreuvoire / water hole - a shallow pond dug in the rock ...
 ... Glaucium flavum Crantz ...
EN: yellow hornpoppy - NL: Gele hoornpapaver
FR: Glaucienne jaune - DE: Gelber Hornmohn
 ... goat herd on summer pasture...
... the Cabécou farm goat cheese is one of the smallest French
cheeses. The name 'Cabecou' comes from the language of 'Oc',
the ancient language of South West of France and means
small goat. This delicious farm cheese gets its flavour
from the richness of the milk. The goats graze in pastures
full of luxurious vegetation (hawthorn, mulberry-tree,
juniper-tree, etc) of the Midi-Pyrenees, a region of France.
...It is one of the oldest traditional products made in Quercy,
the Lot region ...

... round dry-stone hut with bell-like 
lauzes/flat stones roofing ...
Cabanes, Caselles et Gariotes Lotoises
... one type of vernacular architecture commonly found
across the Périgord and Quercy limestone plateaux
consists of the dry-stone huts called chabanos in
 the Dordogne département, cabanos and casèlos
 in the Lot département, mostly land clearers' cabins
(gariotos), vineyard toolsheds, sheep shelters,
hen houses (galinièros), etc., but also, in some cases,
dwellings for beggars or temporary habitations
prior to erecting a permanent house ...
... berries and bright crimson foliage of
Southern French Parthenocissus ...

... Parthenocissus quinquefolia ...
EN: Virginia creeper, five-leaved ivy
NL: wilde wingerd - DE: Jungfernrebe
FR: vigne vierge de Virginie, vigne vierge vraie