Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Auvergne Volcanic Regional Nature Park #3 ...

... view on the Massif du Sancy, Monts Dore mountains
nature reserve of the Valley of Chaudefour ...
... Super-Besse ski resort (elevation 1.356m), located on the
 southwestern slope of the Puy de Sancy mountain range ...
... vintage 'Saint Nectaire' cheese press ...
... Saint Nectaire fermier/farm cheese at Rioubes bas ...
... produced in the Massif the Sancy mountains, in the heart of the
Auvergne Volcanic Regional Park, Saint Nectaire is a creamy,
uncooked cow's milk chees with hints of hazelnut that carries
the AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) quality label.
source: france-voyages.com

Puy de Sancy ... (EN)
by en.wikipedia.org
... is the highest mountain in the Massif Central and
therefore the highest mountain in central France.
It is part of an ancient stratovolcano which
has been inactive for about 220,000 years.