Monday, September 27, 2010

Aqaba Beach ...

Israël, Egypt, Jordan
9 NOVEMBER, 1994

... Aqaba Beach, in 1994 ...

... view on Eilat, in 1994 ...

... Aqaba's Marina and Harbor Control Tower, (in 1994)
... the marina is filled with vessels that run the garmut

from simple rowboats to luxury cruisers

... In 1965, King Hussein attempted to give Aqaba room
to grow by trading land with Saudi Arabia.
In return for 6000 square kilometers of desertland
in Jordan's interior the Saudi's traded 12 kilometers
of prime coastline to the south of Aqaba.
In addition to the extra land for expansion of the port,
the swap also gave the country access
to the magnificent Yamanieh coral reef...

Port relocation.
... Aqaba's current port will be relocated, 20 km south, to the
  southernmost part of the province near the Saudi border.
Its capacity will surpass that of the current port.
The project costs $5 billion, and it will be completed by 2013.

... Aqaba Mamluk Fort, one of the main
historical landmarks of Aqaba
... Walking through the central courtyard,
you will see the Hashemite coat of arms, placed
after WWI during the Great Arab Revolt ...
... Square in shape and flanked by semicircular towers,
the fort is marked with various inscriptions
marking the latter period of the Islamic dynasty.

... While presumably the Crusaders built the Fort,
all of the markings inside
speak of the construction
by the Mamluks between the 14th and the 16th century.

The Arabs used it primarly as a fortified rest stop
for Egyptian pilgrims en route to or from Mecca.
Lawrence of Arabia played a key role in winning back
Aqaba for the Arabs in 1917, and it has been
in Hashemite hands ever since
source: Jordan Pictural Guide

... fortress windows ...