Friday, September 24, 2010

Dalheim ...

... the Dalheimer Mühle / Dalheim mill is located in
 the Naturpark Maas-Schwalm-Nette
On the German side, close to the nature reserve Helpensteiner
Rothenbachtal and the primeval natural forest plot Arsbeck.
On the Dutch side of the 'De Meinweg' National Park.
... a granite plaque with the coat of arms (1775) of the abbess
Maria Anna von Oyen / Oeijen (Cistercian nuns monastery) ...
Dalheimer Mühle / Dalheim mill (before 1231-1958)
present monastery mill building (1775)
source: Niederrheinischer Wassermühlen-Führer H. Vogt

After almost 20 year closure, several changes of ownership,
fire damage and vandalism, the Dalheimer Mill reopened
after a total renovation (by Architekt Eberhard Schulz) in 2008
... one of the most beautiful places in the district Heinsberg,
the Helpensteiner stream directly on the German-Dutch border ...

... worth seeing are the new water wheel, which revolves solely by
the force of the water, and the old, disused mill's inner workings,
which can be visited during opening times of the café ...
... the Dutch side 'De Meinweg' National Park
with large heathland and woodland areas.