Monday, August 23, 2010

Asnelles ...

... Gold Beach landings of 231st British Brigade units, on 6 June 1944 ...
... exploring the Landings site ...
... remnants of the Mulberry Harbours used on D-Day,
a secret Allied project set up right after the landings ...
... exploring the Landings site via Seafront Street ...
... These harbours were to be constructed in England, composed mainly
  of hollow concrete caissons,
the largest of which was over 20 m. high,
17 m. wide and more than 60 m. long, weighing over 6.000 tonnes.
... These were to be brought over from England on D-Day,
the first pieces arriving on the morning of June 7th.
Construction proceeded rapidly as the two ports
were to be the main supply ports for the Landings.
... view from D514 road ...

... The American Mulberry harbour was unloading tanks along the floating
  roadways by June 8th, but
the British port was slower to come to
  completion. This was to show as the storm which raged from June 19th
 to June 22nd 1944 completly destroyed the American Mulberry, while
 the slower but more securely assembled British Mulberry could be repaired ...
source: ...
... distant view of the remnants of the Mulberry Harbour ...

... Canabilising the American Harbour for the few unbroken
that could be re-used, the British Mulberry was up and running again 
by the middle of July. By that stage the Harbour had completly 
out-paced even it's constructors estimates as to what maximum  
daily tonnage could be unloaded, each new daily unloading record 
to be surpassed again the next day ...
...  the British Mulberry Harbour "B" ...
source: infoboard

... Mulberry Harbour ... (EN)
... background - development - harbour elements and code names -
 Daily Telegraph crosswords - deception ...

... The harbour was used until Winter 1944 when it was finally shut down.
Nowadays, there is some 40 percent of the British Mulberry

left to view, but only one caisson remains on Omaha Beach ...

Asnelles ...
A seaside resort, located on the D Day landing beaches 

near Arromanches, across the wartime artificial harbour, 
Asnelles has a lovely sand beach,ideal for family holidays.