Thursday, July 22, 2010

Saint-Pancré ...

... 'Fer Fort' open cast mining hiking trail -
distance: 5 km ...

... the region produced a long time some iron, stemming
from the open-air extracted ore near Tellancourt
and near Saint-Pancré, in 7km of Longuyon ...

... The “Fer Fort” layer of Saint-Pancré delivered an ore
more high-grade in iron, deprived of phosphorus,
which gave malleable and resistant irons ...

... Whereas the Minette iron-ore (Lorraine) results
a deposit which is made in the sea of Jurassic,
'Fer Fort' is an alluvia ore formed of hydrated oxide
iron grains, deposited in a karst during
the tertiary era .

...with the 19th century industrial revolution,
the open cast mines were doomed to close down.
The deposit was abandoned on the 31 december 1865
after the extraction of 360.000 tonnes of iron-ore ...
source: infoboard

... view on the village Saint-Pancré ...

... a circular tower, remains of the 16th century
castle of the family de Failly, destroyed
during the French Revolution ...

... minières de Saint-Pancré ... (FR)
offical site
... le village de Saint-Pancré, est situé à quelques
kilomètres de Longwy (Meurthe et Moselle),
un peu à l'écart de la Route Nationale 18.
La richesse du sous-sol de ce village fût,
pendant toute la période du moyen-age et
jusqu'aux années 1850, l'objet de luttes
âpres et de contentieux divers et variés ...