Thursday, July 15, 2010

Martelange ...

... N4 - Haute-Martelange ...

... monument to the Regiment of the Chasseurs
Ardennais / Ardennes Hunters. Members of this famous
infantry regiment (now renamed the 1st Ardennais
Rifles) are currently serving in Afghanistan.


... this monument stands proudly alongside the
Liberty Way (N4, junction to Grummelage) ...

... "Résiste et Mords!/ Resist and Bite back!” is
the motto of these brave regiment Chasseurs
Ardennais / Ardennian Rifles, an allusion to
their mascot and emblem, the wild boar ...

... sanglier / wild boar sculpture (1975)
André Fontaine ...
... palm offered by King Leopold III ...
... This memorial was inaugurated at the first time by
Baudouin on 11 May 1952 and transformed further
to several roadworks on the motorway in 1975 ...

... It was built on the battlefield where the 4th Company
of the 1st Chasseurs Ardennais, commanded by
Commandant Kelecom, fought against the German
1st Panzerdivision on 10 May 1940.
The same day, the 5th Company of the 1st Chasseurs
Ardennais, commanded by Commandant Bricart,
attempted to stop the Panzerdivision near Bodange.
The idea of the monument was proposed by Lieutenant
Greindl, who joined the anti-German resistance
and was murdered in Büchenwald.


... Café-Restaurant « Au Sanglier » ...