Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Haut-Longwy ...

... 'émaux de Longwy' graffiti on
the watertower of Haute-Longwy
near the E44 / N52

“Emaux de Longwy”, was created around 1865
the Italian artist, Amédée de Carenza,
who was hired by Longwy’s owner, Hyppolite d’Huart
to come up with a product that could compete
against the wildly popular pieces being imported
from China and Japan. Carenza was inspired
by Persian cloisonné and set out to duplicate
the look in earthenware. The process in creating
this “Emaux” is painstaking, to say the least.
The piece is first turned or molded and fired.
Then the black outlines are transferred
onto the surface. The areas between the lines
are hand-filled with enamel and then fired again.
Some pieces may have as many as 25 colors of
enamel fired onto it. If the piece has the craquelure
finish which Longwy made popular, it is then
rubbed with India ink or Burnt Sienna to darken
the “craquel”...


Emaux de Longwy ... (FR)
official site