Thursday, April 29, 2010

Potsdam - Park Sanssouci / Chinese House ...

... Chinesischen Teehaus / Chinese House (1755-1764)
designed by Johann Gottfried Büring;
... a pavilion in the Chinoiserie style: a mixture of
rococo elements coupled with
Oriental architecture ...

... The cupola crowning the roof is surmounted by
a gilded Chinese figure with an open parasol.
Friedrich Jury created it in copper after
a design by the sculptor
Benjamin Giese ...

... gilded sandstone music-making Chinese figure ...

... Frederick the Great modeled the Chinese House
the Maison du trefle, a 1738 garden
in the palace grounds of Lunéville ...

... gilded sandstone columns, the work of the Swiss
ornamental sculptor Johann Melchior Kambly,
who was in the employ of Frederick the Great
from 1746 ...

... the gilded sandstone sculptures that sit at the feet
of the columns originate from the workshops of
the sculptors Johann Gottlieb Heymüller and
Johann Peter Benckert.


.... ceiling birds and monkey (1756) ...
... Thomas Huber also painted the ceilings of
the empty chambers on the exterior surface...

... People from the area stood as models for the eating,
drinking and music-making Chinese figures,
which explains the statues' European features ...


Chinese House ... (EN)
... The building was Frederick the Great's attempt
to follow the Chinese fashion of the 18th century ...

... There is hardly another building that embodies
the preference of the time for Chinoiserie as well
as the
Chinese House in Sanssouci Park ...