Monday, May 3, 2010

Potsdam - Glienicker Brücke

... map of the Glienicker Brücke area ...

The Glienicke Checkpoint, 1978,
... The border fortifications were perfected
and the bridge became a symbol of
the division of Germany .

... view from Potsdam ...
.. in front of the bridge, sculpture
'Nike 89' (1999)
by Wieland Förster,
to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall ...

... the Bridge of Unity ...
... after the War, a makeshift wooden bridge was built
parallel to the damaged steel structure in order to
restore the important road link between Berlin and
The steel bridge was rebuilt in 1947-1949
and was - shortly after the foundation of the
two german states - reopened in December 1949
as the “Bridge of Unity”

... detail of the bridge ...

... view on Glienicke Palace ... (EN)
... is located on the Island of Wannsee,
near the Glienicke Bridge ...
... designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel for Prince Carl
of Prussia
in 1826, The building, originally merely
a cottage, was turned into a summer palace
in the late classical style ...

... the Bridge of Spies ...
... The Soviet Union and the United States used it
three times to exchange captured spies during
the Cold War, and the Bridge was referred to
as the
Bridge of Spies by reporters ...

... At 6 p.m. on 10th November 1989, one day after
the “opening of the Wall”, Glienicke Bridge was
reopened for pedestrians; the border fortifications
and barricades were dismantled following
the unification of Germany on 3
rd October 1990.
Since then Glienicke Bridge has- leaving aside its
eventful history -been a bridge like any other ...

Glienicker Brücke / Glienicke Bridge ... (EN)
... is a bridge in Berlin which spans the Havel River
to connect the cities of Potsdam and Berlin near

Klein Glienicke. It was completed in 1907.