Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Berlin - Zehlendorf / Lindenthaler Allee ...

... star gas station ...

... we are the original ! ...

... Die Drei von der Tankstelle / (1930)
The Three from The Gas Station ...

... original film location of a Ufa-movie ...
... a perennially popular
German musical film / Filmoperette

... The film was banned as early as October 1, 1937
by the Propaganda-Abteilung ...
On 22 September 2005 the musical "Die Drei
von der Tankstelle"
premiered in Berlin ...
source: de.wikipedia.org

The Three from The Gas Station
Three good friends arrive home from vacation to
discover they're bankrupt and the bailiff is about
to strip their home of its contents. Left with just
their car, they decide to open a gas station and
it's then that they meet the lovely, blonde
Lilian Cossmann - Lilian Harvey in one of her
biggest hits. For such a very early talkie
it's an astonishingly confident film,
one of the first UFA 'operettas' yet with
a contemporary, rather than period, setting...

imdb review by wlkrrch - imdb.com

Die Drei von der Tankstelle ... (EN)
by german-films.de
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