Thursday, May 13, 2010

Berlin - Friedrichshain / Mühlenstraße #2 ...

... Berlin Karlshorst by Ulrike Zot ...

... "brotherly kiss" new (2009) version ...

Mein Gott hilf mir, diese tödliche Liebe zu überleben
by Dmitri Wrubel
Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker,
"My God help me, this deadly love to survive"

The painting was inspired by the kiss
they had in 1979, during the celebration
of the 30 years of the GDR

... In 2001, he and his wife, Viktoria Timofeyeva,
created a limited edition large format calendar
containing portraits of Russian President,
Vladimir Putin called "The 12 moods of Putin".
Each page of the calendar portrayed a different
image of Putin and was an unexpected hit
with the Moscow population ...


Der Mauerspringer / The Wall Jumper
by Gabriel Heimler

Der Mauerspringer / 'The Wall Jumper' (1982)
novella by Peter Schneider

... is a novella that captures the mood of Cold War Berlin.
The characters are all, in their different ways,
wall jumpers, trying to lose themselves.
Ultimately, the walls inside their heads prove
to be more powerful than any man-made barrier.


... Back of the wall,
Television tower in distance ...

... Touch the Wall by Christine Kühn ...
... Artist Christine Kühn distributed gloves to passers-by
requesting them to leave a colored handprint on the Wall.
Back then in former East Germany, she herself had
been so delighted to be able to touch the Wall,
Ms. Kühn recalls, that she wanted to let other
people experience the same feeling. Obviously,
the elation she felt then cannot be recreated ...
Test the Best renamed Test the Rest (09.07.09)
by Birgit Kinder
... depicting a flimsy Trabant car bursting its way
to freedom through the wall ...

... You can see Infinity by Laszlo Erkel (Kentaur) ...

... 'the sk8' by unknown street art artist ...

... by unknown street artist ...

... Questioning the Berlin Wall ...
Paste Up by Street Artist Tanksy
... The sign imitates a "Road Work" municipal sign
and questions "Berlin Wall Traces 1989 - ???".
It allows for the reader to complete the meaning
or question the current situation in Berlin
preserving the memory of the Berlin Wall .

... part of the wall ??? ...

... Lunatic Team @ Graffitibox Summer Jam 2009 ...

... Klingel / doorbell - Mühlenstrasse, 35 ...

East Side Gallery ... (EN)
... is an international memorial for freedom.
It is a 1.3km long section of the Berlin Wall located near
the centre of Berlin on Mühlenstraße in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg ...

A Riot of Paint for the 'Kilometer of Art' ... (EN)
By Tobias Asmuth
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - 13. Juli 2000
... That was when people quickly got used to new things.
Miracles had become part of everyday life.
When Scottisch artist Christine Maclean began
to paint the Wall.
Soon she was joined by
three other painters who splashed a riot of paint
onto the gray concrete sections ...

... But cash-strapped Berlin is no longer willing to splash out
the estimated $2.5 million restoration costs on the past.
That is why the East Side Gallery artists' initiative has
been working for years to secure a future
for the "kilometer of art." ...