Thursday, May 6, 2010

Berlin - Breitscheidplatz / Ku'damm ...

... room with a view from Berlin Excelsior Hotel,
December 1979 ...
... Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche /
Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church ...

... unusual view on Gedächtniskirche
seen from U-Bahnhof, April 2010 ...

... damaged spire and freestanding bell-tower (1961)
designed by Egon Eiermann ...

... In the Second World War, on the night of
November 23, 1943,
the church was irreparably
damaged in an air raid.
The church was largely
destroyed but part of the spire
and much
of the entrance hall survived ...


... detail of the entrance hall ...

... the vault shows a procession of Hohenzollern princes,
early and more recent.
Other mosaics show important
monarchs in medieval Germany ...


... Berlin, a "broken chain" ...

... 'Berlin' in the middle of the Tauentzienstraße ...

Berlin (1987)
by Brigitte Martin Matchinsky Denninghoff
... the sculpture's principal motif, a "broken chain",
was meant to symbolize the severed connections
between West and East Berlin due to
the construction of the Berlin Wall ...

... commissioned by the city of West Berlin
to celebrate Berlin's 750th anniversary in 1987 ...


... the well-known Kurfürstendamm (or Ku'damm)
boulevard is the most important upscale
shopping district in Berlin

... the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche by night ...

... The glass, designed by Gabriel Loire, was inspired
by the colours of the glass in Chartres Cathedral.
The predominant colour is blue, with small areas
of ruby red, emerald green and yellow ...


... Tauentzienstraße by night ...

... Platform of Berlin U-Bahn's U1 line in
U-Bhf. Kurfürstendamm station
(1961) ...

... a somewhat different version of
the famous
Caspar David Friedrich’s
'Wanderer above the Sea of Fog'

Duckmenta II advertisement
seen in Kurfürstendamm
station ...

Artists of InterDuck gathered some 120 artworks in
all kinds of techniques for the exhibition alternatively
dubbed ‘Duckomenta’ exhibition Rueckkehr der Enten/
The Return of the Ducks. Schloss Neuhardenberg ...

... Most of the works on exhibition are original format
unique paintings in oil or acrylic. Comic aspects aside,
the works also have a serious undertone: with
a sense of irony and a distinct smirk on their faces,
they comment on the loss of history, knowledge and
cultural memory and make their own contribution
against the raging thoughtlessness which reigns
in the chaos of our post-post-modern world ...

Art of the Duckomenta - photo gallery... (DE)
offical site: art - duck - disney - humour
press: This Exhibit Is No Featherweight,so
You Better Duck.
(Wall Street Journal/Europe)

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church ... (EN)
... in the centre of the Breitscheidplatz. The original church
on the site was built in the 1890s. It was badly damaged in
a bombing raid in 1943. The present building, which consists
of a church with an attached foyer and a separate belfry
with an attached chapel, was built between 1959 and 1963.
The damaged spire of the old church has been retained
and its ground floor has been made into a memorial hall.