Saturday, May 22, 2010

Berlin - Unter den Linden ...

... trabants at the corner Unter den Linden
Friedrichstrasse, December 1979 ...

... there was always a distinct lack of paint in the east ...

... a walk to the Museum Island in the Eastern Sector
of Berlin, in December 1979 ...

... view on Pergamom Museum
from Schlossbrücke, in 1979 ...

Schlossbrücke ...(EN)
1821-24, renovated 1950
by Karl Friedrich Schinkel
... between the pedestals, wrought iron railings are
mounted with sea horses, tridents and dolphins

in reference to the water below ...

... Berlin map, 2010 ...

König Friedrich II. von Preußen / (1851)
King Friedrich II of Prussia Monument)
by Christian Daniel Rauch
... Friedrich II sitting on his trotting horse
in historical uniform with an ermine-lined
coat across his shoulders...

... He wears the characteristic three-cornered hat,
his head slightly bowed to the left.
His left hand grips the reins; the right hand on
his hip holds a crutch as a reference to
the aging king ...


... above the inscription section is an area dedicated
to Friedrich's contemporaries: life-size, fully sculpted
equestrian statues and figures fading into a flat relief
in the background, representing generals, state
officials, artists and scholars ...


... The monumental equestrian statue of
King Friedrich II of Prussia (1712-86) marks
the end of the "Forum Fridericianum" and
constitutes the start of the Linden Boulevard ...

... part of the campus of the Humboldt University ...

Palais Prinz Heinrich / Prince Heinrich Palace,
Humboldt-Universität / Humboldt University
1748-65 by Johann Boumann the Elder,
extension 1913-20 by Ludwig Hoffmann
... The open courtyard across from the Opera is
the honor court of the broad three-winged
structure of the Humboldt University.
The palace was built in 1748-53 as a city
residence for the brother of Friedrich II,
Prince Friedrich Heinrich Ludwig of Prussia.

The university was of particular importance to
the official GDR as it was here that Karl Marx
studied under the philosopher Hegel.
This also explains the quotation of Marxist thesis
of Feuerbach, "Philosophers only interpreted
the world differently; the point is to change it"
in golden letters in the main stairway ...


... statue of Friedrich Wilhelm III (1822)
Dem Gen. Grafen Bülow von Dennewitz
by Christian Daniel Rauch ...

Friedrich Wilhelm Freiherr von Bülow,
Graf von Dennewitz
.. General Bülow, a capable Prussian corps commander
who, in the campaign of 1813, defeated the French
at Großbeeren and Dennewitz. He also played
a prominent part at Waterloo in 1815 ...

The Neue Wach / New Guard House ... (EN)
... The building served as the main guard house and
the royal guard house until the end of the monarchy in 1918.
Heinrich Tessenow altered the building in 1930-31 to make
it a memorial for the fallen of the World War I.
Until 1945 the Neue Wache served as
a "Memorial for the Fallen of the War".
After war damage the memorial was reconstructed
in 1957-60 under the direction of Heinz Mehlan as
a "Memorial for the Victims of Fascism and Militarism".
In 1969, on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary
of the GDR's founding, Lothar Kwasnitza added
a glass prism structure with an eternal flame
in the center of the hall.
After German reunification the Neue Wache was
inaugurated on the National Day of Mourning in 1993 as
the "Central Memorial of the Federal Republic of Germany"
with the mourning pieta by Käthe Kollwitz in Tessenow's
reconstructed "monumentally void interior hall".

Zeughaus /Armory ... (1695-1706)
by Johann Arnold Nering, Martin Grünberg
and Andreas Schlüter,
conversion 1730 by Jean de Bodt,
reconstruction from 1950 by Otto Haesler
... The structure, erected as a weapons arsenal
and repository for the Berlin fort,
is the oldest building on Unter den Linden and,
along with the castle lost after the war, one of
the city's most important Baroque structures ...

... view from Bebelsplatz ...

The Altes Museum / Old Museum ... (EN)
... The museum was built between 1823 and 1830
by the architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel
in the neoclassical style to house
the Prussian Royal family's art collection ..

Unter den Linden ... (EN)
... became the best-known and
grandest street in Berlin ...