Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Berlin - Panoramastraße ...

... Aufbauhelfer (1952-53)
by Fritz Cremer,
that symbolises Berliners
rebuilding their city ...

... wir bauen für Berlin /
we're constructing for Berlin
U5 - Bahnhof Berliner Rathaus ...

... The Pavillon at Fernsehturm's base ...

... Rotes Rathaus and the Pavillon...

Rotes Rathaus / The Red Town Hall ... (EN)
by en.wikipedia.org
... The Rathaus was built between 1861 and 1869
in the style of the north Italian High Renaissance
by Hermann Friedrich Waesemann ...

... Before WW2, the City Hall was surrounded
by beautiful buildings including masterpieces
of architecture like the Berlin City Castle /
Stadtschloß and others. After the war,
the communist government of the DDR was not
interested in restoring the old buildings in the
City Hall area, all of which were badly damaged
by bombs and fires. Most damaged buildings
were demolished to make way for typical
1950s architecture. Some blocks of flats dating
back to those days still surround City Hall today.

source: citymayors.com

Berlin Television Tower ... (EN-DE-FR)
by en.structurae.de
Built: 1966 - 1969
Architect : Herman Henselmann
Engineer: Gerhard Frost

Fernsehturm Berlin ... (EN)
by en.wikipedia.org
... is a television tower in the city centre of Berlin ...
... In 1964, Walter Ulbricht, leader of the Socialist Unity Party
which governed East Germany, decided to allow the
construction of a television tower. The Berliner Fernsehturm
was modelled on the Fernsehturm Stuttgart...