Saturday, May 29, 2010

Berlin - Moabit ...

... view Hauptbahnhof and Moltke bridge
from Spreeufer near Kanzleramt ...

... view on Magnus-Hirschfeld-Ufer and
'Bundestagsschlange / Federal Snake Complex' -

at Moabiter Werder ...

... the so-called 'Abgeordnetenschlange' on Joachim-
Karnatz-Allee lies on the other bank of river Spree.
This block of flats has been constructed for the politicians
of Bonn. Due to their low inquiry, today all citizens
can rent a flat as well ...


... Bundestagsschlange (1999)
designed by architect Georg Bumiller ...
This big housing project of the German government
in the city centre of Berlin is a residential building for
government employees. The original main building
of 300 m. length was built according to plans by
Georg Bumillers. Its ground plan has the shape of
a wavy, serpentine line, like the one made by a snake.
In addition to this complex with 718 apartments,
the site contains four apartment blocks by Urs Müller,
Rhode & Wandert and, in the western part, a brick
building dating from 1934. Further buildings include
a new gymnasium, a power plant and a children's
day centre, designed by GKK Partners ...


... the Lutherbrücke ...
... wrought iron railings, cast-iron lamp posts, obelisk
at the bridge heads, surmounted by golden stars ...

... view on the Spree River and Bellevue S-Bahn bridge ...

... Erected in 1891–92, the landmarked Lutherbrücke
the River Spree in the immediate vicinity
of Bellevue Castle – the home of Germany’s

Federal President – and the park on the grounds
of the President’s Triangle ...

... Accordingly, architect Otto Stahn chose
a grand design for this bridge.

Heavily damaged during World War II, the bridge
has been fully restored to
its former glory –
including the reconstructed candelabras fitted
with high
power projectors of the 490 series.

Die Lutherbrücke ... (DE)
(1892 - renovated 1952)
designed by government architect Carl Bernhard
... ist eine denkmalgeschützte steinerne Auto-, Rad- und Fußgänger-
brücke über die Spree in Berlin. Sie wurde 1893 nach
dem deutschen Reformator Martin Luther benannt....