Thursday, May 20, 2010

Berlin - Marx-Engels Forum ...

... The statue of Marx and Engels forms
the centrepiece
of the Forum
Berlin Cathedral in the background ...

Marx-Engels tribute (1985-86)
by Ludwig Engelhardt
... In 1977 the GDR authorities appointed the
sculptor Ludwig Engelhardt director of the project to
redevelop the site as a tribute to Marx and Engels,
the founders of the communist movement
to whose ideology the GDR was dedicated ...

... 'tourist snapshot with dude' ...
... the statues are now a tourist attraction,
and a steady stream of people sit on
Marx's knee
to have their photos taken ...

... an unusual view of the Television tower
with the
decorative elements
'Fotodokumentation der Arbeiterbewegung
auf Edelstahlplatten'
by Arno Fischer and Peter Voigt
showing black-and-white photographs
depicting scenes from Socialism's history.

Marx Engels Forum ... (EN)
... is a public park in the central Berlin. The park was created
by the authorities of the former German Democratic
Republic (GDR) in 1986 ...