Thursday, May 27, 2010

Berlin - Friedrichstraße #1 ...

... "You are leaving the American Sector"
Allied Checkpoint Charlie,
in December 1979,
the former border crossing point between
East and West Berlin ...

... The concrete watchtower by the Berlin Wall was
once used by Soviet and East German soldiers
guarding the east-west border

... Checkpoint Charlie - which divided the US and
Soviet sectors in Berlin - was used as a crossing for
foreigners such as Allied diplomats and soldiers.
It came to symbolise the drama of the Cold War,
and was the scene of several escape attempts.
The Berlin Wall divided the city from 1961 to 1989 ...

... Berlin map, 2010 ...

...corner Kochstrasse / Friedrichstrasse,
April 2010 ...

... Museum Am Checkpoint ...
... outside the museum hangs a replica of
the last Soviet flag to fly over the Kremlin

... Marx's Socialism lurks just around the corner ...
... European Socialism, which is its modern form,
stands for the Union of Europe on a Socialist basis ...

... fake 'Allied Checkpoint Charlie'
for tourists, April 2010 ...
... the concrete watchtower was torn down in 2000,
to make way for offices and shops. ...

... the Mauermuseum / Wall museum ... (EN-FE-DE)
... T
he first exhibition opened on the 19 October 1962
in an apartment with only two and a half rooms in
famous Bernauer Straße. We suggested that tourists be
thankful to those border guards who do not shoot to kill:
“See through the uniform!”

Some guards saw that we understood, and after
their own
escapes came to work with us.
The large number of visitors encouraged us to look for
new premises: on 14 June 1963 the “Haus am Checkpoint
Charlie” was opened and became an island of freedom
right next to the border. From here, through a small window,
escape helpers could observe all movements at the border
crossing; escapees were always welcome and supported,
escape plans were worked out,
and injustice in the GDR
was always fought against ...

... Kröner 'Zauberkönig / King of Magic' memorial ...

Magic Circle Berlin commemorated Jewish Magicians
of Berlin
by Peter Schuster -
President of the Magischer Zirkel Berlin

On Friday March 6th, 2009, the Magischer Zirkel Berlin
(MZB) commemorated the Jewish founders of
the famous magic shop "Zauberkönig" in Berlin:
Arthur and Charlotte Kroner and their daughter Meta.

During the ceremony brass plates ("Stolpersteine")
with their names and dates were put in the sidewalk
in front of the house in Friedrichstrasse where
the shop had been founded in 1899.
Charlotte Kroner was one of the famous Leichtmann-
daughters who managed the magic shops founded
by their father. The most famous of them Rosa
married Janos Bartl in Hamburg.

During a memory meeting the same day in the
theater of the MZB the members honoured also
other Jewish magicians Günther Dammann,
Dr. Stanley Jaks and Michel Seldow.

The historical project is studied by Birgit Bartl
together with the History Group of the MZB.


Der Zauberköning Berlin ... (DE)
... das Fachgeschäft der Magie ...