Thursday, June 3, 2010

Berlin - Behrenstraße ...

... a Field of Stelae designed by architect Peter Eisenman ...

... the beige block with the flag on top is
the roof of
the US Embassy - Behrenstrasse ...

... a few minutes walk from the Potzdamer Platz ...

... the grid pattern, consisting of 2,711 concrete stelae,
which can be walked through from all sides ...

... tears are the raindrops of the soul
by Tom Zart ...

... and yet the sparrow continues to chirp ...

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe ... (EN)
... also known as the Holocaust-Mahnmal / Holocaust Memorial ...
... is a memorial in Berlin to the Jewish victims and
other victims of the Holocaust ...

Architecture and architect
The memorial is located near the Brandenburg Gate.
It was
built between 2003 and 2005 according to
a design by the
architect Peter Eisenman.
This design represents a radical
approach to
the traditional concept of a memorial, partly

because he does not use any symbolism.
The grid pattern,
consisting of 2,711 concrete stelae,
which can be walked
through from all sides, leaves
it up to visitors to find their
own way in and out of
the complex. The underground
Information Centre
which is located in the south-eastern
of the Field of Stelae is accessible via stairs and a lift.

Designed by Dagmar von Wilcken, it takes up its formal
language and provides information on the victims, the
places of extermination and today’s memorial sites.


... US American Embassy view Behrenstrasse
2008, architect Moore Ruble Yudell
source: US Embassy ...

The Main entrance is at Pariser Platz 2
(near the Brandenburg Gate)

the new US Embassy Building on Pariser Platz ...(EN)
... offical site - photo gallery (more pics) ...

... Sol LeWitt's star mural is on display for all to see
in a glass walled room on the corner of
Behrenstrasse and Ebertstrasse ...

Wall Drawing #1256: Five Pointed Stars ... (EN)
by Sol LeWitt (American, 1928-2007)
... In February, 2008, a team from Sol LeWitt’s studio
installed Wall Drawing #1256: Five Pointed Stars,
which the artist had created for FAPE in 2004.
Located in the glass-encased Behrenstraße entrance,
the wall drawing measures fifteen by thirty feet,
and is visible to the public ...