Thursday, June 17, 2010

Niedergörsdorf / Altes Lager ...

... railway station Jüterbog / Altes Lager ...

... entrance building Forst Zinna Soviet Army garnison ...

... boiler house Forst Zinna ...

... former Soviet Army barracks ...

... aerial view 'Forst Zinna - Flying Higher Technical School'
Niedergörschdorf at Jüterborg / Brandenburg ...

.. the site was from 1933 to 1935 an Air Force Technical
High School for the technical staff of
the then
newly formed Air Force planned and built ...


The Western Group of Russian troops Forst Zinna
cleared in two phases. While the Panzer barracks were
already handed over at 1 January 1991, the construction
brigade left the site only on 17 May 1993 ...


... a rare vintage 'Donnerbüchse' passenger car
built: 1921 until 1931 ...

... vintage sign 'Spree-Alpine Express' ...
Berlin-Wannsee: 20:19 - Verona Porta Nuova: 12:50
Verona Porta Nuova: 15:30 - Berlin-Wannsee: 9:14

... is the name of a railway connection between Berlin
Wannsee and Verona Porta Nuova (Brennerstraße)
established in the early nineties and stopped
a few years later (tentatively in April 1999).
The name itself would indicate a connection
between the river Spree in Berlin and the Alps.

Schlafwagenhotel Altes Lager ... (DE)
... bei uns schlafen Sie besser! ...
... in einem typischen Schlafwagen
der Transsibirischen Eisenbahn ...

... renovated former Soviet Army appartments,
Kastanienallee ...

'Franzosendenkmal / French Memorial' (1871)
to commemorate the French prisoners of war,
erected by the French government, and is
considered the founding document of the place.

The German-French war of 1870-71 and
the establishment
of the "First Barack camp"
(built by 9.000 French prisoners of war,
on 7 oktober 1870,
led to the founding of
the town Altes Lager / Old Camp ....


... Altes Lager / Niedergörsdorf ... (DE)
... Als Gründungsdatum gilt der 7. Oktober 1870,
als das preußische Militär hier Flächen für
ein Barackenlager ankaufte ...