Friday, June 18, 2010

Magdeburg #3 ...

... small faces ...

... "Mann und Frau" (1973) by Heinrich Apel
Door knocker and door handle ...

... Kunstmuseum Monastary Unser Lieben Frauen
Today a museum for Modern Art. Home of
the National Collection of Small Art Statues
of the GDR (Nationale Sammlung
Kleinkunstplastiken der DDR) ...

... social housing developments of the DDR era ,
near the Kunstmuseum with sculpture
'Schreitende / Striding' (1980)
by Emerita Pansowová

Fürstenwall Promenade
... The former ramparts along the river bank
have been turned
into a promenade walk
already in 1722.

A rather short one, but still worth seeing.
Parts of the city fortification are still visible.
Stairs lead down into the Zwinger
between the two town walls .
source: Kathrin E / virtual tourist

The „Castle“ on Fürstenwall
The impressive castle-like building on Fürstenwall
was erected in 1842 as office and residence
of the Prussian president of the province.
The so-called “normannic” style was popular
for government buildings in those times.
It is now occupied by the offices of the waterways
and shipping authority (Wasser- und Schifffahrtsamt).

source: Kathrin E / virtual tourist

... view from the Schleinufer on Rotehornpark,
MDR landesfunkhaus Sachsen-Anhalt and
the vertical lift bridge over the Elbe river ...

... 'Nur der! Mercedes-Benz Typ Stuttgart 200'
vintage advertisement on a renovated house
in Rotehornpark (Stadtpark)...

Magdeburg ... (EN)
... is situated at the Elbe River and was one of
the most important medieval cities of Europe ...