Monday, June 21, 2010

Magdeburg #1 ...

... Stalinist architecture ...
... On the approach to Magdeburg there are a
vast number of these post-war apartment blocks

built during Russia's control of East Germany.
Under Stalin's Communist regime they were dull
and grey but in recent years attempts have been
made to make them look a little more cheerful
- but not much ...
source: Kathrin E / virtual tourist

... Stalinist high-rise ...
... Just like Karl-Marx-Allee in Berlin, Magdeburg has got
its Stalinist boulevard as a reverence to big brother
in Moscow. Now named Ernst-Reuter-Straße.
Several blocks along this street have been built
in the 1950s in the style of the Stalin era
with its typical ornaments.
source: Kathrin E / virtual tourist

... social housing developments of the DDR era ...

... Honda Rebel in front of a 1960 tile mural
in the Passage Danzstrasse,
near the Dom ...

The Honda CMX250, ... (EN)
... also known as the Honda Rebel 250,
is a cruiser-style motorcycle ...

Dom / Cathedral of Magdeburg ... (EN)
... officially called the Cathedral of Saints Catherine and Maurice,
is one of the oldest Gothic cathedrals in Germany ...

... NORD/LB Mitteldeutsche Landesbank
Magdeburg's Cathedral District / Domviertel,
view from Domplatz ...

... Magdeburg’s Domplatz, site of the oldest Gothic
in Germany and the neo-baroque state
parliament and
chancellery buildings has been
the undisputed centrepiece
of the capital
of Sachsen-Anhalt for 800 years.
Now that
the old prefabricated concrete buildings
have been demolished
and replaced by a new
building designed by the
Münster architects
Bolles + Wilson, the volume, scale and
boundaries of the historically defined Domplatz

have been restored as planned.

... The people of Magdeburg have long since come
to terms with the façade of the 28-m-tall building
and have grown quite
fond of the natural Brazilian
stone with its light-blue veined pattern between
the vertically proportioned windows...


Nord/LB - Domviertel, Magdeburg ... (EN)
... some data and more pictures
of the building - view Breiter Weg ...