Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Trier #5 ...

GALERIA Kaufhof Trier-Fleischstraße ... (DE)
... Überzeugende Angebote, günstige Preise, ...
... Ich freu` mich drauf!

... detail of the baroque St. George's Fountain /
Sankt Georgsbrunnen, by Johannes Seiz
between 1750 and 1751,is located in the Kornmarkt.
Representing the four seasons and the center obelisk
is topped by St. George slaying the dragon.

... the neo-Baroque style building of
Postbank at the Kornmarkt ...

Heuschreck-brunnen by Willi Hahn (1977)
... the Grasshopper fountain symbolising a Carnival
Society of Trier (Trierer Heuschreck since 1848)
with its first members:

'Auf der Konsole im mittleren Teil des Brunnenstocks
stehen fünf Trierer Originale ­ dickbäuchig, kurzbeinig
und verschmitzt grinsend nebeneinander:
der lange Koorscht neben dem kleinen Kneisjen,
Fischers Maathes neben dem schmalen Wichshänschen
mit dem Henkeltopf und letztlich Krons Ton
mit seiner Lederschürze. Im Brunnenschaft,
unter den Füßen der Steinfiguren,
steckt der Brunnenbaumeister Willi Hahn'.


... old door at the corner of
the Fleischstraße/Nagelstraße ...

... Karl Marx Haus / Birthplace of Karl Marx
March 2010 ...

... visit Karl Marx House in May 1983 ...

... Manifesto of the Communist Party ...
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
line printer ASCII art in May 1983

line printer ASCII art
... Back in the late 1970s, someone got the clever idea
of scanning images into a computer. Once scanned, they
could be reproduced on gigantic 132 column line printers
as ASCII art using only standard keyboard characters,
since daisy wheel or old dot matrix impact printers
couldn't reproduce bitmapped images.
The result was a six-foot long black and white printout
that your could tape up on the wall of your research lab.


Karl Marx (1818-1883)
... was a German philosopher, writer and journalist
whose enormous impact on the world — for good or bad —
continues today. The “inventor” of communism was born
Karl Heinrich Marx in the German city of Trier
(then in Rhenish Prussia) to a Jewish family
whose members were all practicing Lutherans.