Friday, April 2, 2010

Trier #3 ...

... Romanesque facade of Trier Cathedral,
and the early Gothic Church of Our Lady
to the right of the Cathedral ...

The Liebfrauenkirche / Church of Our Lady,
a 13th-century parish church. Completed in 1260,
it was one of the first Gothic churches in Germany ...

... facade detail of Dom St Peter...

... exuberant Baroque stucco-work
in the vault in the west choir ...

... the Dom's Lion head door knocker ...

... at the Domfreihof / Cathedral Square
in the heart of the City ...

... detail of the Palais Walderdorf - Domfreihof ...

... baroque door at Domfreihof ...

Domstadt / Cathedral City
... protected by its own walls and gates in
the Middle Ages,
the Cathedral City still represents
a 'city quarter'
with its own structural character ...
... The houses and streets surrounding and especially
behind the Cathedral are called the Cathedral City.
This area, with its narrow lanes between the tall curia
houses of the Cathedral canons, is really worth seeing.
... The street fronts are characterised by high walls
built of recycled Roman material, ornamented gates,
coats of arms, Latin inscriptions and structures
from eight centuries ...

Cathedral of Trier ... (EN)
The Trierer Dom / Dom St. Peter / Cathedral of Saint Peter
...a Roman Catholic church which dates back to Roman times
and is home to the
Holy Tunic/ Der Heilige Rock a garment
with a recorded history back to
the 12th century, in

tradition said to be the robe Jesus was wearing
when he died.
It is only exhibited every few decades,
at irregular intervals ...