Saturday, April 3, 2010

Trier #2 ...

... House of the Three Magi (1230)

... built around 1230 when Trier's medieval city wall
was not yet finished.
As each house had to defend
itself, it was accessible only
by ladder or
a wooden staircase that could be pulled up.

... medieval half-timbered houses near the Market Place ...

... Jews' Alley ...

... Minor Jews gate ...
... one of the entrances to the medieval Jewish Quarter.
Core from 1219, addition 1607-8
as support for
the Renaissance half-timbered houses.
source: infoboard Trier

... entrance dated 1602 ...

... In the Middle Ages the Trier Jewish Quarter was
located between Simeon, Jacob and Stock streets.
The Jewish community, exceedingly important for
the city as well as for the Electoral State,
was first documented for the year 1066.
In the first half of the 14th century
the Jewish quarter consisted of about
60 houses as well as the Synagogue,
community center and other facilities.
The history of the Jewish Quarter came
to an end in 1418 with the expulsion of
the Jews from the city as well as
the Electoral State ...
source: infoboard Trier

... Many Jews went east; Yiddish has preserved
of Trier Middle High German up to today.
When the Jews were called back after 1600,
they settled in different parts of the city.
After the Holocaust of the Nazi era,
the Jewish community in Trier is quite small...


... the Steipe, a colorful 15th-century
city council's banqueting hall ...

... The Steipe gets it name from a Trier dialect word
which means (arcade) supports ...


... Baroque portal (1732) church of St. Gangolf,
restored and painted in 1984 ...
source: infoboard Trier

... in 958 the Main Market became the center of
medieval Trier. After the Viking destruction of 882,

the archbishop moved the market from the river to
the present site, the Market Cross still commemorates
this event from 958. The column shaft is a recycled
granite column from the Roman Cathedral .

... In the background Market Church St. Gangolf
Built in the 14th/16th centuries in Gothic style...
source: infoboard Trier

... the St. Peter fountain /the Petersbrunnen (1595)
shows St. Peter, the patron saint
of the Cathedral
as well as the city, standing on top,
surrounded by
the four cardinal virtues of good city government,
Justice, Strength, Temperance, and Wisdom ...

... Duhr-Conrad-Fehres- Weinbau & Grosshandlung ...

... Bernard-Massard Sektkellerei GmbH ...

... sweet greetings from Trier ...