Friday, March 19, 2010

Maspelt ...

... Belgo-German frontier near Hemmeres ...

... (closed) railway tunnel Lommersweiler ...

... the Ourtal /Our Valley railway bridge
on the Belgo-German frontier ...

... railway line 47 Sankt-Vith – Troisvierges/
built between 1888-1889

... The link from Lommersweiler to Ulflingen
(now Troisvierges, in Luxembourg) was important.
Coke and coal came south from Germany for
the expanding steel industry of Luxembourg
and Lorraine, balanced by northbound iron ore,
large deposits of which were discovered in Lorraine
about that time, which went to supply the
needs of industry in the Ruhr area.

General von Rundstedt's Ardennes offensive
in the winter of 1944-45 very severely damaged
the Vennbahn. Scarcely a railway bridge
was spared by the military.
Lines not reopened were St.Vith - Gouvy,
Born - Vielsalm, and Lommersweiler - Reuland,
so no transit freight or mineral traffic to and from
Luxembourg was possible over the Vennbahn
after World War II.

source: The Vennbahn: Belgium’s railway through Germany

Spoorlijn 47: Sankt-Vith – Troisvierges ... (NL)
... samen met spoorlijn 48 vormde
spoorlijn 47 de Vennbahn....