Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gent #3 ...

... window shopping at Obius ...
... this well-hidden and exclusive shop in the
side-street of the Vrijdagsmarkt
has been
a public secret for years
amongst fashion connoisseurs ...

source: CityZine

Dulle Griet /"Mad Meg",
... is a medieval supergun . Wrought-iron cannon
(ball diameter: 64 cm) from the early 15th century
In 1452, the bombard was employed by the city
of Ghent in the siege of Oudenaarde,
but fell into the hands of the defenders on the retreat
and was only returned to Ghent in 1578 ...

... Kraanlei 81 - the beautiful baroque building De Fluitspeler/
The Fluteplayer or Het Vliegend Hert /The Flying Deer,
home of the noted early 18th century anatomist Jan Palfijn.

The building is ornamented with relief carvings in terra cotta
it pictures the 5 senses (the cartouche in the gable shows
a fluteplayer)
and at the top ‘faith, hope and charity’,

... the Alijn Hospice ...

... the inviting doorway leads us into a quiet courtyard.
It looks like a beguinage,but it isn’t.
Nor has it ever been one...

... It was a house of God, built in atonement
for the murder of Hendrik
and Seger Alijn,
and was used as a refuge for women in need.

It is since 1962 a museum of folklore...
source: visit gent

the Alijn Children's Home ... (EN)
... came into existence as a result of a feud
between the aristocratic Rijm and Alijn families
... The foundation charter (1363) stipulated that this home
had to provide shelter for poor people
and exercise works of Christian mercy

... view from the Kraanlei ...

... looking left, over the bridge, you can glimpse
the Great Butcher’s Hall / Meat House ...

... the Ballen street leading to Patershol ...

The ‘Patershol’, a quarter close to the Castle of the Counts, is
characterised by its well conserved medieval structure as appears
from the street pattern and the small scale building development.
Next to an impressive number of remarkable façades
and a number of valuable classified buildings, the Patershol
is also renowned for its excellent restaurants.