Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gent #1 ...

... François Laurent bridge -
view on Neerschelde / Lower Scheldt
and Geeraard de Duivelsteen ...

Geerard de Duivelsteen ... (EN)
... The Geraard de Duyvelsteen, a 13th century castle,
is named after its builder, Knight Gheeraert Vilain,
who was nicknamed the Devil ...
.. The Duivelsteen is a notable example
of a 13th century feudal dwelling ...
After a thorough restoration at the end of the 19th century,
the building has been used as the public records office
since 1904 ...

... Our Lady of Peace by Aloïs De Beule ...

St. Bavo's Cathedral ... (EN)
... is the oldest parish church in Ghent and the earliest
records date it as far back as the 10th century
... The cathedral has a wealth of art treasures ...

Belfry ... (EN)
... The construction of the Ghent municipal tower,
symbol of the autonomy of the city, started in 1313.
Repeatedly the works had to be suspended
because of wars and other tribulations.
The belfry was completed in 1380.

... In 1982, after a silence of 15 years, the Hemony
carillon could sing again. After the thorough renovation,
the carillon now is one of the finest in the world.
Thanks to the new arrangement and the retuning to the
historic timbre, the 54 chiming bells now sound warmer
and more harmonic than ever ...

The Achtersikkel ... (EN)
... For centuries, it belonged to the aristocratic family Vander Sickelen
who proved their abilities in both the count's service and in politics.
The inner court is surrounded by buildings from several architectural periods ...

... The Achtersikkel, together with the Grote Sikkel and the Kleine Sikkel,
made up a complex unit ...

... Biezekapel (early 18th century)
Lodewijk XIV style
renovated in 1932 ...

... 16th century miraculous statue ...
... The statue itself was placed in a niche of a wall,
which belonged to Mr. John Baptist the Rodoan,
knight and lord of Bieze, hence the name Biezekapel ...