Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Everzwijnbad ...

... play wood area Everzwijnbad ... education in a woodland environment
forest reserve Everzwijnbad, a section of Meerdaal Forest ...

... totem poles ...

... Roodkapje / Little Red Cap by Hugo Nackaerts ...
... also known as "Little Red Riding Hood", a fairy tale
about a young girl and a big bad wolf ...

... Bosprotter /Old Fart in the Woods ...
by Ad wouters,
a sculptor from Haasrode,
... the tree imaginations route
through Heverlee/Meerdaal forest ...

Fart is sometimes used as a non-specific derogatory epithet,
often to refer to 'an irritating or foolish person',
and potentially an elderly person, described as an 'old fart'.
This may be taken as an insult
when used in the 2nd or 3rd person,

but can potentially be a term of endearment,
or an example of self deprecatory humour
when used in the first person ...

... a slow worm (the education path) ...

Anguis fragilis / slow worm, blind worm
... is a limbless reptile native to Eurasia.
Slow-worms are semi-fossorial (burrowing) lizards
spending much of the time hiding underneath objects.
The skin of the varieties of slow-worm is smooth
with scales that do not overlap one another.
Like many other lizards, slow-worms autotomize,
meaning that they have the ability to shed their tails
in order to escape predators.
The tail regrows, but remains smaller.

... the dragon (the lizard)
on the education path ...