Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mielmont #1 ...

Although not much in known about the Chateau/Castle of Mielmont,
it is a best known as a fortified castle dating from the 12th century.
The keep of this particular Chateau is full of collections
of paintings and furnishings
from the 18th century,
making it a sight well worth seeing.

This history of the Chateau Mielmont is incredibly intertwined
with the local community.

What history does tell us is that the castle of Mielmont
was built in the XIIth century on a spur of rock
that totally dominated the valley of Sambre.
Protected by 4 towers, it also includes a donjon with 21 m thick walls.
Of interest is the fact that due to building the castle right on the rock,
some of its rooms don't have a single right angle.
The castle of Mielmont was badly damaged during the French Revolution
and overhauled by the Beaufforts in 1870-1875.

Castle of Mielmont ... (EN)
... Due to the building of the castle directly on the rock,
some rooms do not have a single right angle ...