Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tervuren ...

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'You can buy my heart and my soul' (2006)
by Andries Botha
(°1952, Durban, South-Afrika) ...

'Ungayithenga inhlizyo nomongo wami'
The former portion of the title is in Zulu and translates
into English as
'You can buy my heart and my soul'
by - official website
"In African mythology the elephant reincarnates carrying the soul
of a murdered God. It is thus the embodiment of
the transmigration of souls.
It is also the metaphor for the world's preoccupation
with Africa as an exotic location.
The elephant thus embodies the world's romanticism
with Africa. In part it is the Colonial panacea:
wildness can be contained, civilised and taken back
to the ballrooms of the First World as a trophy."
Andries Botha

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"The Congo, I presume.
Congo-Tervuren 1897-1997"

by Tom Frantzen ... (EN-NL-FR)
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