Friday, December 18, 2009

Rumegies ...

... the Franco-Belgian border ...

... statue of the customs officer (2007) - Pont Cailloux...

... 'aubette'/customs shelter Pont Cailloux (1928) ...

... the Elnon brook - Pont Cailloux ...

At the time of the treaty of Utrecht in 1713 the current
border between France and what was to become
the Kingdom of Belgium took shape.

With it appeared the customs houses
which remained in general until January 1, 1993.

Also called "aubettes" these small shelters distributed
along the border were checkpoints

The 'aubette' of Rumegies was inaugurated in 1954.
Le Pont Caillou / the Caillou Bridge marks the official
and suitable way for motor vehicles into Belgium.

On the other site of the bridge, there exists
still the tavern "Au Pont Caillou", close to which
there is a small office for the operation of
clearing goods through customs. It is a typical model
of a border tavern with a grocer, a petrol station, a bar,
previously one found one at each footbridge

carnet 'Une frontiere en Scarpe-Escaut?