Monday, December 21, 2009

Rongy ...

... rue Brigade Piron ...

... on 8 september 1944 the Brigade Piron crossed
the Belgian border in Rongy at 16:36 ...

1st Belgian Infantry Brigade - Brigade Piron
The Belgian 1st Infantry Brigade, also known by the name of
its commander, Jean-Baptiste Piron, as the Brigade Piron,
is a unit of Belgium and Luxembourg which participated
in the Battle of Normandy and the liberation of Belgium
and the Netherlands alongside the Allied armies
during the Second World War.

The origins of the Piron Brigade are from 1940, among
of Belgian soldiers who managed to flee to Britain
the company of the Belgian government in London.

1st Belgian Group 1940-1945
"The Piron Brigade" ... (EN-FR-NL)
... This memorial work, telling the History of
the Piron Brigade was created in the only hope
to make known to our generation the devotion
of these exceptional men ...