Thursday, December 3, 2009

Infantry Combat Group ...

... riflemen in prone position ...

... 3 riflemen in kneeling position,
1 rifleman advancing with bayonnet ...

... 2 grenade throwers, 1 wounded man,
1 officer, 1 wireless operator ...

... 4 standing figures with sten guns,
1 rifleman advancing with bayonnet ...

... 3 walking figures carrying jerrycans,
4 walking figures ...

... AIRFIX infantry combat group ... (EN)
1/72 scale plastic figures on parade
This set has the distinction of being one of the very earliest plastic
sets in this scale, having been produced back in the early 1960s.
Though not labelled as belonging to any one nation, some aspects of
the design suggest it was the British infantry that was being represented.
Later packaging illustrations confirm this, and ultimately
the set was retooled and relabelled as British Infantry