Thursday, December 31, 2009

the Éléphant Congolais ...

the Éléphant Congolais (1935)
by Albéric Collin (1886-1962)
... being ridden by three Africans ...
... was exhibited in Antwerp for
the World Fair 1935 in Brussels
... sponsored by Côte d'Or chocolate ...
... since 1938 showing visitors the way to
the Royal Museum of Central Africa
in Tervuren ...

by confectionery cotedor.facts
... Translated from French, Côte d'Or means Gold Coast....

The emblem of Côte d'Or is the elephant,
a symbol which again echoes the African origin
of the cocoa beans that make Côte d'Or,
and one source claims that they were used
to haul the sacks of cocoa beans.