Saturday, November 14, 2009

the Soumagne TGV/HSL Tunnel ...

... HSL line 3 : 36‭ ‬km High Speed Line
between Chênée and Walhorn‭

... western entrance of the Soumagne tunnel ...

... eastern entrance Tunnel to the Soumagne Tunnel
on Cultural Heritage Day ...

Function / usage: High-speed rail tunnel
Part of: High-Speed Rail Line Brussels-German Border

... Soumagne: Belgium’s longest train tunnel ...
... Having crossed the Liège conurbation on the existing
modernised track,
high speed trains will leave line 37 to join up
with the Herve plateau
via a twin track tunnel6,405 metres long[*].
Built between Chaudfontaine and Soumagne,
this major structure
will bethe longest rail tunnel in Belgium. ..
(*)5,940 metres of proper tunnel and
177 and 288 metres respectively of covered cutting