Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pouilly-en-Bassigny ...

... The Meuse rises at Pouilly-en-Bassigny, not far
from the watershed between the North Sea
and the Mediterranean Sea drainage basins.
It is 950 km long and travels 47 km of this length
through Haute-Marne, where it is increased
in size by a dozen tributaries which all rise here or
travel along quite some length through the department.
On the Meuse, Saint Laurent's Fountain, also known as
St. Salaberge's Fountain, was said to cure certain ills.

... monument of the Meuse ...

... well 1 of Pouilly ...

The Meuse river ... (EN)
... rises in Pouilly-en-Bassigny, commune of Le Châtelet-sur-Meuse
on the Langres plateau in France from where it flows northwards
past Sedan (the head of navigation) and Charleville-Mézières
into Belgium...