Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Haute Marne ...

Distributeur "Gex"
à pentagramme
avec dispositif d'inversion automatique

aux couleurs de la marque Ozo
source: membres.lycos.fr/pompe/1930-1950

... petrol price : € 1,305/litre ...

... yes, we're open ...

... operating instructions ...

... safety instructions - while refueling:
- turn off the vehicle engine
- no smoking, lighting matches or lighters
- turn off non-electric lights ...

Ateliers de Construction Mecanique L'Aster
8, rue Baudin - Ivry
Distributeur GEX - 1935

GEX visible petrol pump
French elegance at it best!.
Some of these attractive pumps in Paris were even fitted
with tall cast iron lamp standards on top of the pump!
Twin 5 litre glass cylinders on a heavy cast constrution.
source: petroliana.co.uk