Monday, November 9, 2009

Ars-sur-Moselle ...

... the last arche of the Roman aqueduct
on the left bank of the Moselle ...

... the Roman aqueduct from Gorze to Metz ... (EN)
Realisation: Ecole primaire de Jussy (Moselle-France)
classe de CM1-CM2
... In order to take the water from the spring of 'Les Bouillons' to Metz,
a bridge had to be build across the river Moselle. ...
... The huge 1.1 km-long bridge is difficult to imagine. It had
about 110 arches and the highest ones
were about 32 m high.
The slant was at least twice as steep as it was along
the rest of the aqueduc. ...

Jouy-Ars Aqueduct Bridge
... span lengths: max. 6 m - number of spans : 120
notes & comments: only 16 arches remain ...

Part of large-scale project:
Metz Roman Aqueduct
... total length: 22 km ...